How to Save A Thousand Words

Do you know why you never see anyone smiling in old photos? Part of the reason is because in order to capture an image on early cameras, the person in the photo had to hold perfectly still. Smiling for a long time isn’t the most comfortable pose. Fortunately, today we can take hundreds of pictures faster than we can snap our fingers!

With summer vacation upon us and lot of great photos in our future, let’s look at some ways we can take our photo game to the next level.


The Best Online Photo Printing Services Of 2018

Thanks to camera phones, people are taking more pictures than ever before. It’s estimated that, as a whole, we take over 1 trillion photos every year. And most of these precious memories end up on social media. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your photos online, but wouldn’t it be nice to have physical copies you can keep forever? Before you struggle with your printer, check out these photo printing services that make saving your favorite photos easier than ever before.

20 Creative Ways To Display Family Photos

Once you have physical copies of your favorite photos, the question becomes what to do with them. Photo albums and scrapbooks are great for reliving memories around the holidays, but what about the pictures that make you smile every day? This gallery of awesome photo displays might help you come up with the best way to show off your favorite snapshots.

How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

Picture perfect moments rarely happen when planned, and there isn’t always a professional photographer on hand to capture the memory. Fortunately, most of us have smartphones in our pockets, and those cameras are pretty good. Now all you need are a few simple tricks and you’ll be taking the perfect family photos.

Just For Fun: Wedding Day Photoshoot … 60 Years Later

With selfies and snapshots of food flooding social media, it can be easy to take photos for granted. But being able to capture a moment forever is miraculous. Just ask this couple who didn’t have any pictures of their wedding day, so they decided to stage a new photo shoot six decades later.

Now go dust off your camera,


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