What’s Your Favorite Summer Camp Memory?

Did you go to summer camp? Most people did; the American Camp Association reports that around 14 million children and adults attend camps every summer. For many of us, summer camp was an important part of growing up, and it’s an experience we want to share with our kids. If camp is part of your family’s summer plans, or if you’re still on the fence, these resources can help.


11 Lasting Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer camp can do more for kids than teach them how to tie knots and roast the perfect marshmallow. Being away from their parents for a week — or even just being around new kids their own age during the day — can result in amazing experiences for kids, contributing to mental and physical growth. See for yourself what summer camp can do for your kids.

Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Summer Camp

Going to summer camp for the first time is exciting, but it can also be a little scary. If a kid isn’t used to being away from their parents or in a new environment, their dread can become overwhelming and ruin the camp experience before the first bonfire. Fortunately, there are a few things you, as a parent, can do to alleviate these worries and help your kids get excited for summer camp.

5 Summer Camp Survival Tips (for Parents)

Once the kids are on board with summer camp, Mom and Dad need to prepare themselves. It can be challenging to send your kids away for the first time, especially if you’re sending them to an overnight camp for a few days. Goodbyes can be hard, being apart can be difficult, and it’s really tempting to bring your kids home after the first homesick letter. But don’t panic. This advice from summer camp experts can help you and your kids have a great summer experience.

Just for Fun: The Most Unusual Summer Camps

Summer camp is a time for hiking, canoe rides, s’mores, and … secret agents? Hold on to your hats, because summer camp is being invaded by zombies, wizards, and mad scientists.

Here’s to a great camp experience!


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