I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For …

July is national Ice Cream Month, and for good reason. It’s the middle of summer, and indulging in an ice cream cone is the best way to beat the heat besides taking a dip in the pool. July is such a perfect time for ice cream that national Ice Cream Day is also this month on Sunday, July 15. To celebrate these sweet holidays, we’re getting the scoop on this favorite summertime treat.


The History Of Ice Cream

National Ice Cream Month got its start in the United States in 1984, but people around the world have been enjoying this creamy dessert for much longer. From Alexander the Great’s honey-flavored snow to ancient Chinese sorbet, get to know ice cream’s history a little better with this sweet video.

Easy Homemade Ice Cream

What’s better than eating ice cream? Making ice cream — so you can eat it later, of course. National Ice Cream Month is a great time to teach your kids lessons in the kitchen with a treat they’ll love to make. Check out this video from PBS Parents  for an easy, kid-friendly ice cream recipe your whole family will scream for.

Ice Cream Trends To Watch Out For

Ice cream is an amazing dessert. It’s relatively simple nature means there are endless opportunities to prepare and serve ice cream in ways that will make you say “wow.” Check out rolled ice cream, fish-shaped ice cream cones, and other crazy new ice cream trends you need to try.

Just For Fun: Weirdest Ice Creams In Every State

Chocolate and vanilla may be classics, but have you ever tasted Idaho’s ice cream potato? Every state in the US has their own unique ice cream flavor. Which ones would you try?


Here’s to a sweet summer,



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