Soccer Or Ballet? Tips For Extracurricular Activities This School Year

The school year is back in session, and in addition to classes and tests, there’s also a load of after-school activities to worry about. Adding to the already-packed family schedule, parents start to ask, “How am I supposed to handle all this?” This week, we have a few tips for managing extracurricular.

Sept 21.png

Extracurriculars And Student Development

Are extracurriculars and after-school activities really that important? What does a college recruiter care if my kid woke up every Saturday morning for gymnastics when they were 10? While a lot of value attributed to extracurriculars comes from how good they supposedly look on a college resume, the real benefits of after-school activities don’t manifest as scholarships years down the road. Being part of these activities can help kids develop in many different ways.

Which Extracurricular Is Right For My Kid?

When you’re competing with TV and video games, sometimes parents need to give their kids a little push to get them into a new activity. Fortunately, there are plenty of extracurriculars to choose from! Unfortunately, this adds to the pressure of choosing the “right” activity. Should you enroll your little athlete in a classic, like youth basketball? Or will they blossom more at computer camp? Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect extracurricular activity for your kid.

When Kids Want To Quit

“I don’t want to go!” This phrase could be the anthem of after-school activities. How often do kids get excited about starting something new, only to burn out after just 3 weeks? Attending practice or recitals was once great fun, but now, just getting out the door is a trial of wills. When kids lose interest in an activity, you have to decide whether it’s better to make them see it through to the end or quit while you’re ahead!

Just For Fun: Youth Sport Disasters (Video)

No one is an all-star at their very first lesson. Practice makes perfect, and these kids could definitely use a bit more practice.

To a successful balance,



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