Are You Afraid of the Dark?

With Halloween only a few weeks away, October tends to be a time when we’re more accepting of things that scare us. Many people go out of their way to find things that frighten them by taking trips to haunting houses, catching a scary movie, or reading a horror novel. To get into the spirit of things, we’re taking a closer look at fear, including where our fears come from, how we can overcome them, and why fear might not be so bad after all.


Where Do Fears Come From?

Fears don’t make sense. Yes, being afraid of large, wild animals may keep you from being eaten by a bear, but not everyone shares the same fears. You may be terrified of flying while your sister can name off the best places to eat in airports across the country. We all experience different levels of discomfort or fear when exposed to certain stimuli. Understanding the psychology behind these fears can help you learn how to overcome them.

The Science Of Conquering Your Fears

Fear can serve a function. In situations where you are in real danger, fear can save your life. But some fears, like the fear of rejection, don’t protect us from real harm. In fact, certain fears prevent us from putting ourselves out there and enjoying life. This article outlines simple strategies you can employ to overcome your fears and live a more courageous life.

What Fear Can Teach Us

We spend a great deal of time trying to overcome our fears. To an extent, it is valuable to conquer unreasonable fears that can harm us. A fear of public speaking can prevent you from giving an important presentation at work, thus jeopardizing your career path. But fear does sometimes serve to protect us from harm. Author Karen Thompson Walker explores the connection between fear and imagination and suggests that learning to better read your own fears can help you make smarter choices and more successfully prepare for disaster.

Just For Fun: 21 Unusual Phobias

Being afraid of spiders or public speaking is pretty common, but have you ever met someone who’s afraid of otters? What about newspapers? Check out these unusual phobias you’ve probably never heard of. Warning: You may discover a phobia you didn’t know you had.

Here’s to not being afraid of the dark!



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