The Perfect Strategy to Start the Holidays

Halloween is basically opening day for the holiday season. Now we’re in for a tidal wave of holidays and parties, all within a few weeks of each other. Do yourself a huge favor and start preparing for the holidays now — both physically and mentally


8 Easy Ways You Can Get Ahead Of Holiday Stress

Sure, the Black Friday sales are great, but do you really want to wait until a week before December to start on your holiday shopping? And how many times have you pulled out the decorations only to find an ornament broke while in storage? Waiting until the last minute is a surefire way to add unneeded stress to your holidays. Here are a few simple strategies to make the holidays a little easier.

Speed Clean Your Home For The Holidays

Whether you’re planning a big party or having the in-laws over, now is the time to make sure your house is holiday-ready. ClutterBug the organization queen has a whole video covering all the fine details you may overlook when preparing for holiday company. She even has the perfect speed cleaning checklist to prepare your home for the whole season.

Remain Calm During The Hectic Holidays

The holidays are often full of love, hope, and family. They can also be incredibly stressful. It’s a big responsibility to make holiday magic for your family, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed from now until St. Patrick’s Day. Take a breath and check out these strategies for keeping cool and enjoying a stress-free (or at least a stress-reduced) holiday season.

Just For Fun: Best White Elephant Gifts

The saying “it’s better to give than to receive” definitely applies to white elephant gifts! The coming season is full of gift swaps, so while you’re getting your holiday shopping done early, be sure to stock up on some wacky white elephant gifts so you’re ready for the office party.

Here’s to successfully surviving the holiday kickoff,



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