Could Your Life Be More Awesome?

When was the last time you were dazzled? Can you remember when something, someone, or somewhere made your jaw drop, took your breath away, or really wowed you? To children, everything in life seems awesome. But for adults, it can be hard to find that same sense of wonder. Instead of the same old New Year’s resolutions, look for ways for bring more wonder into 2019.


Quiz: Could Your Life Be More Awesome?

First, let’s ask an important question: Can your life stand to be more awesome? Maybe you already know the answer, or maybe you don’t even know what awesomeness looks like anymore. Either way, Greater Good Science Center presents this brief quiz to determine if you have room for more awesomeness in your life.

7 Ways To Spark Your Sense Of Wonder

When looking for wonder, it doesn’t matter where you find it as much as how you approach life. Reinvigorate your curiosity by learning to approach mundane things from a new angle or seeking out works from great authors and artists. Behavioral specialist and bestselling author Gregg Levoy has a few suggestions for reigniting your sense of wonder that you can incorporate into your life right now.

What Makes Things Cool?

When something is wonderful or awesome, it’s probably also very cool. In your search for wonder, it can help to ask what makes something cool. The answer isn’t as subjective as you think. This video from The Atlantic examines the “theory of cool” and shows that if you’re looking for wonder, it might help to look at something familiar in a different way.

Just For Fun: Tiny Pieces Of Wonder

You don’t have to travel to the ends of the Earth to be amazed by things. In fact, when one photographer got up close to the world around him, he proved wonder can be found in the smallest of things.

What kind of wonder will you find in 2019?



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